A statewide gathering of the niche meats sector.


This is a launching point…

We want to catalyze collaboration and entrepreneurship along every link of the niche meat supply chain in Washington State. Through our unique brand of Food Systems Innovation Events, we are inspiring change, building resilience, fostering viable farm and food businesses, and promoting scaled processing and distribution. Are you a Producer, Processor, Restaurateur or Retailer, Researcher or Resource Provider, or a Policy or Decision Maker interested in supporting a strong local meat economy in Washington State? Then here’s a few things you can do…


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2019 Summit


The 2019 WA MEAT UP Leadership Summit will be held at the Seattle Culinary Academy on Monday, August 26th from 8 am - 4 pm and includes your choice of a pre-summit Field Trip plus a BCS LIvestock sourced lunch.

Choose from these two Field trip experiences:

  • FIELD TRIP OPTION A: ON-FARM LIVESTOCK, SLAUGHTER, WRAP AND PACK Tour on-farm livestock and slaughter infrastructure at Jubilee Farm, Carnation Farms, and Falling River Meats in the Snoqualmie Valley.

  • FIELD TRIP OPTION B: BEHIND THE SCENES PROCESSING AND VALUE-ADDED Get a sneak peak inside the productions facilities for Uli’s Famous Sausage and Salumi Seattle.

    Stay for the WA Meat Up Summit in the afternoon at Seattle Culinary Academy from 12 pm - 4 pm, including a BCS Livestock lunch and initiative planning session.


Weigh in on plans for a statewide WA MEAT UP Conference in 2020.


When would be a good time of year to host this?


WA MEAT UP Clearinghouse


stay tuned for the development of a clearinghouse of resources, News, and events - all things meat!

Got something cool to share with our network? Send it our way! We’re working to collect and list all kinds of cool things happening in the niche meats world.


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